Happy Thanksgiving!

By Christina Moon, F10

This past Sunday, the F10 class and many faculty and staff members gathered together to celebrate at the third annual Albion House Thanksgiving Fest. Never mind that history research paper drafts were due the next day, it was time to get into the holiday spirit! We set up the event potluck style, with each house in charge of a few different dishes, so everyone was up early that morning to cook and decorate – luckily only one fire alarm was set off. Before dinner, games of touch football and soccer were ongoing in the backyard to work up big appetites because there was plenty to eat. And I am really telling you: SO MUCH FOOD. The menu for our feast included two twenty-pound turkeys, three pans of stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, deviled eggs, brown-sugar carrots, green beans, squash, and pumpkin soup with apple cider to wash it all down. Still have room for dessert? Take your pick from pumpkin and apple pies, pumpkin cheesecake, baked apples, banana and pumpkin bread, and vanilla ice cream. Somehow thirty-five people were seated along a looooong table that stretched through Albion House and it was such a fun night of good conservation and food with the best company. Without everyone’s help it wouldn’t have been possible to throw such a great event, but at the end of the evening we couldn’t have wished for anything more except maybe some more room in our stomachs. The grand finale? A Disney themed piñata that rained down candy! Comfortably stuffed and slowly slipping into food comas, it was Thanksgiving come early to share with our Williams-Mystic family.