Travel on the Horizon

Good morning! It’s a mellow Monday and most of my house is still sleeping. Today’s a big day: after class, we have a short break for lunch and last minute tying up of loose ends before we a board a bus to the airport for our flight down to Louisiana! Right now there’s a high of 78° F in New Orleans, where we’ll be staying the night and exploring tomorrow during the day. Some more road tripping is involved in this field seminar, which means new mix CD’s, new scenery, and new conversations. Both of my parents have spend significant time in the South, so I’ve received specific instructions regarding what to expect, and, more importantly, what to eat. There’s a pile of beignets and a BIG cup of chicory coffee with my name on it waiting down at the Café du Monde, along with a crawfish dinner and a shrimp po’boy as big as my head. I can’t wait!

This weekend my friend Maggie (W-M F’09) came to visit from Bryn Mawr. After a delicious breakfast of Portuguese Fisherman omelets at Kitchen Little, she surprised our Policy professor and stayed for the day’s lecture.  After catching up with the faculty and staff, we headed out for some Lemon Chocolate Kiss ice cream at Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream and a wonderful 6-mile bike ride along the Mystic River. On Saturday morning we woke up early to accompany two classmates and our Oceanography professor out to Fisher’s Island Sound for research at Whaleback Rock. It was cold, windy, salty, and wonderful. I’ve sailed on the Sound with my family since I was a little kid, and being back on the water was refreshing and invigorating. A typical Saturday night of cookie baking, tea drinking, and movie watching was held at Kemble in the company of some classmates; the rest of the weekend involved delicious pancakes, a walk around the Seaport, chai lattés at the Green Marble Coffee Shop, and a bittersweet departure for the train station.

Things around here have been continuing on as normal…well, as normal as can be for Williams-Mystic! Classes are moving right along, our science research projects are getting off the ground and out on the water, and, after a quick dusting of snow last Thursday morning, the weather is beginning to take a turn for the better. Our house has the sweetest bunch of tiny purple flowers growing at its base, and it makes me smile each time I walk by and find another additional bunch. I can’t wait to see how many there are in a few days when we get back!

It’s been remarkable to see the changes that warm weather brings to Mystic: more people are arriving for the Seaport, the seafood shacks are preparing to open for the season, and the drawbridge will be opening to allow through an endless stream of boaters. I’m going to be sticking around this summer, meaning that all of these things are going to be multiplied and magnified exponentially! Along with another S’11 classmate, I’ll be completing research with W-M’s own Dr. Richard King regarding the maritime influences of Virginia Woolf and nautical references within her books. I’m quite thrilled at this opportunity, as Woolf is one of my favorite authors. Being in Mystic for another 2 ½ months is also an opportunity too good to pass up.

Fair Winds!

Author: williamsmystic

A one semester interdisciplinary ocean and coastal studies program integrating marine science, maritime history, environmental policy, and literature of the sea.

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