“Once More, Boys, Once More” – Reflecting, Reminiscing, and Returning to Williams-Mystic


Hello again, readers! I say “again” because I’m no stranger to this blog: my name is Stephanie and I’m a former Williams-Mystic student from the Spring 2011 semester—and the new WM Admissions Counselor. I’m thrilled to be back in Mystic after recently finishing up undergrad in May from Bryn Mawr College with a degree in English and Creative Writing. I’m looking forward to gaining a new perspective as a staff member with this fantastic program.

While this blog will remain a form for you to learn about Williams-Mystic from a current student’s point of view, I’ve signed on as a guest-blogger and am eager to provide a new dimension to this forum. Each month, I’ll post with an updated entry about what I’ve been up to, what the students are doing, or what’s ahead for Williams-Mystic.

Since I signed on at the end of June, things have been moving at warp speed: we’re in the midst of finalizing a brand new website, are planning to renovate one of our student residences, and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of a brand new class in exactly two weeks.  We’ve witnessed the 27th Annual Moby-Dick Marathon at Mystic Seaport (where many of our alumni were involved!), planned the next round of travel and recruitment for the fall, and are preparing to enter into our 35th academic year.

While gaining my sea-legs in the last two months, I’ve worked alongside our Director of Admissions, Katie Clark F08, as we interview prospective students. One of my favorite questions that we ask is both simple and complex: Why Williams-Mystic? And as a new staff member, I think that it’s only fair for me to turn the tables here and answer it myself.

I came back to Williams-Mystic because I truly believe in this program: as a student a little over a year ago, I found a sense of direction and personal fulfillment while learning in and beyond the classroom in a community of like-minded individuals. I remember very clearly the moment when I realized that I was changing: sitting on the edge of Puget Sound in Washington state, I penned a journal entry about my classmates and how our experiences connected us. Though we would part at the conclusion of the semester and go our own ways, we would remain intertwined through our memories of each other and the moments we shared.

For me, the community of Williams-Mystic is one of its most unique and important aspects. Though my role has now shifted from that of a student to a staff member, I believe that we are all always learning. We learn from each other, from the early mornings spent gathering data for science projects to the faded evenings spent driving around New England recruiting for upcoming semesters. I’m excited to witness a new body of students join the ranks, to have new experiences of my own, and to share this change in viewpoint here with you.

Fair Winds,


PS – If you’re curious about the title of this entry, it’s in reference to an old sea chantey we often hear on the grounds at Mystic Seaport. You can hear the full version of “Go to Sea No More” here: