F’12 After 12 Days

Hello, all!

Let me introduce myself: I am Anna Hopkins, a student at Williams-Mystic for the Fall 2012 semester. Today I’m going to write about my initiation to Williams-Mystic and the adventures we F’12s have been having for the past two weeks.

It all began with lugging our belongings into our new homes and bidding our parents goodbye. As a class, we quickly segued past the awkward introductions phase with a dinner at the iconic Mystic Pizza. I can hardly believe that we ate that pizza (and got lost on the way) almost two weeks ago!

My experience at Mystic is already changing the way I think about the world: since August 28th, we have experienced a whirlwind of introductions, orientations, field trips, and life lessons. One of my favorite introductions so far came on the evening of our first full day— sitting on a dock in the Seaport looking out over the estuary, we were given a “sense of place” lecture from each of our professors in quick succession. Their words overlapped to form a collage that opened my eyes to the complexity of the river setting around me.

We spent last week being transported all around our local area: a walking tour of the Seaport, a boat tour on the steamboat Sabino, and a bus tour of the coastal area. Among these trips and while learning about the rich local history, we’ve become more comfortable strolling around the Seaport. I even witnessed a classmate give directions to a museum visitor—and they just might even have been correct.

In addition to our adventures out and about, the members of my house (shout out to Liz, Toby, and Michael) and I have had some adventures within Carr House. We’ve created four different kinds of cookies, two different kinds of crumbles, and we even hosted a dinner party with Kemble House! We have a wonderful porch where we eat most of our meals, and the other night during dinner we made a canine friend who had wandered away from home. With the help of our fearless leader Jim Carlton, we reunited Gracie with her family. The town of Mystic has a wonderful combination of small-town connections and visitors from all over the world at the Seaport.

Reflection upon the last two weeks makes me grateful for the communities I’ve been welcomed into so far: Williams-Mystic, the Mystic Seaport Museum, the town of Mystic, and the F’12s. Next step for us: a week of reading, maritime skills (mine is canvas work!), and prepping for our offshore voyage. We leave for a port in San Diego one week from today!


Fair Winds,


Author: williamsmystic

A one semester interdisciplinary ocean and coastal studies program integrating marine science, maritime history, environmental policy, and literature of the sea.

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