F12 Offshore – 24 September 2012

Michael from Williams leading his watch as they haul on the main sheet.

Howdy! I’m Lauren, the Assistant Steward.   I’ve never been onboard for a Williams-Mystic trip before, and I’m finding that it’s pretty great!

The students are all very self-motivated and ready to help out whenever they can.  Every day one student is assigned to the galley for the 4/6 hours they are on watch.  Unlike on deck or in the lab where the students work in small groups, the galley gets one student at a time, so I’ve had the opportunity for some real one-on-one time, which I love.  It’s not only a good time to really get to know each other and chat, but a great time to be a little silly and have fun – yesterday Katy and I were singing songs together while washing dishes.

We’ve had awesome weather so far.  The past few days have been relatively calm and very sunny.  It’s interesting that it’s quite cold at sea (Captain Pamela frequently wears three layers of capilene, down, and fleece) even though it’s really hot onshore.  We are right by Mexico—you’d think it’d be warmer!

Students have begun taking over the library and the main salon in preparation for their science reports which will be given tomorrow during class.  They are teamed up within their watches and will be presenting a poster based on data they collected throughout the voyage.

I hope all is well onshore – all is well here at sea, just hoping to see some megafauna soon!  Oh wait, Katie just came down to the galley to tell everyone there are jumping tuna off our starboard bow!


Author: williamsmystic

A one semester interdisciplinary ocean and coastal studies program integrating marine science, maritime history, environmental policy, and literature of the sea.

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