A Weekend in Mystic!


9:00 AM: Literature tutorial; handed in my journal entry for the ‘Dory’ (the Williams-Mystic student literature magazine), which included snippets from journaling I did on all our field seminars, plus some drawings and words from time here in Mystic; spoke briefly about Moby Dick and what it means to us.

10:15 AM: Went home, dipped apples in plain Greek yogurt, and chatted with my wonderful housemate, Lani.

11:15 AM: History class – learned about the Navy Waves, spoke with Glenn (our history professor) about my own grandmother, who served as a nurse for the Navy during World War II. He suggested I look into her service there to find out what she had done.

12:30 PM: Sat in the Collections Research Center (CRC) at the Seaport and listened an oral history recording of my favorite boat designer, Olin J. Stephens, chatting about his successes and failures, and his love of modern yachting.; took notes for my history research paper.

3:00 PM: Set out on a bike ride with my two friends from Kemble House, Alix and Lucy, out to Lantern Hill Pond and back; we passed by horses, cows, stretches of the most beautiful farm lands you could see, lakes, and boathouses.

5:30 PM: Grocery shopping! We spent exactly $6 less than our weekly allowance – a huge win for Carr House.

7:00 PM: Indian food themed pot-luck at Kemble House, complete with fresh made naan! Mariah (Mallory house member and chef-extraordinaire) makes unbelievable nut chutney – called “Nutney.” I take some for the road.

10:00 PM: Two episodes of my favorite TV show (How I Met Your Mother) later, and I am ready for bed. Tomorrow brings more adventure!


9:00 AM: Have a hankering to make cookies after reading through the Williams-Mystic 25 Year Anniversary Catalogue – it is a WM tradition, after all!

10:00 AM: Cookie-delivery complete! Impromptu shopping trip to Goodwill and TJ Maxx in Groton with Julie from Johnston House and Julia from Mallory House.

3:00 PM: It’s too beautiful and sunny not to stop at Drawbridge for ice cream…

5:00 PM: Chat with Dad on the phone, it’s so nice to know he’s so close by.

6:00 PM: Beautiful run along River Road as the sun sets.

7:00 PM: Surprised by barbeque and friends for my forthcoming birthday! Shrimp and salad and chicken – I am almost too full for s’mores.

 9:00 PM: Macklemore emerges from some nearby laptop speakers and the dancing begins. I blow out the candles to my birthday cake upside down in a handstand.


6:00 AM: Up early to drive out to Newport, where some friends are running a 10-mile race to benefit the Fort Adams Trust. I volunteer to hand out Gatorade and water to runners, and get a free t-shirt! Newport is unbelievably gorgeous, and just an hour’s drive away.

12:00 PM: Back home, hand out extra bananas and Gatorade from the race. Exhausted, I fall down into a 2-hour nap

3:15 PM: Inspired by the racers earlier this morning, I take off on a 6-mile loop into the Pequotsepos Nature Preserve.

4:00 PM: Stop by Albion house to see my friend Sophie, who decides we should go for a sail. Upon arriving at Snapdragon, the sailboat for WM students, our friend Morgan picks us up on the Loon – a small motorboat. Satisfied, we go out for a ride.

5:00 PM: Hop in the shower; prepare springs rolls to bring over to Mallory for dinner. Homemade hummus and ice cream!

7:00 PM: Homework until 9pm, when story-time with my classmates commences. What will I say at tonight’s gathering?

11:00 PM: With story-time finished, I return home full of delicious cookies and tea. Time for bed – another wonderful weekend in Mystic!

Author: williamsmystic

A one semester interdisciplinary ocean and coastal studies program integrating marine science, maritime history, environmental policy, and literature of the sea.

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