F13 Goes Offshore: Day 5

Day 5 – 33° 25.1’N X 118° 51.0’W

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Charlie from the University of Rhode Island tries his hand at taking an angle of the sun!

Today at Super Station #2 in the San Nicholas Basin, students took several scientific observations including water temperature and salinity, general ocean productivity, and plankton biodiversity with the Neuston Net. Students also sent their Styrofoam cups 1520m beneath the sea surface; the results were super tiny versions of the original Styrofoam cups that collapsed under the water’s pressure!

In class today, students Alex from the California Maritime Academy, Anna from Smith College, and Kyle from Smith College reported the data collected at Super Station #2 and the weather forecast that we should expect for the next 24 hours. After student reports, Admissions Director Morgan Wilson (S’10) led a discussion about the activities of the US Navy in and around our cruise track off the coast of San Diego, CA. In recent days we have seen destroyers out at sea, the reflection of their practice fire at night, and have spoken on the radio to a US Navy fuel supply ship. Following this presentation on the US Navy, Jane McCamant (S’04), third mate, led a thought provoking talk on the history of time at sea and on land. After learning about the history of time at sea, students learned how to use a sextant just like centuries of former sailors.

Author: williamsmystic

A one semester interdisciplinary ocean and coastal studies program integrating marine science, maritime history, environmental policy, and literature of the sea.

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