Back on Board!

ImageWe’ve returned from our Thanksgiving sojourns and have entered the home stretch:  in just two weeks, Williams-Mystic Fall 2013 will belong to the history books.  The break, though short, was much needed after a week or so of late night essay writing and stress galore.  Now some of that stress is seeping back in as we finalize our research papers for Marine Ecology and Oceanography, start editing our Marine Policy and Maritime History papers, and get working on our final essay for Literature of the Sea.  Those will all be due within the next week, and the week after that come exams.

While stress lingers, another feeling is beginning to creep in—that is, sadness and nostalgia as four months of maritime studies draw toward a close.  Of course the real flood of emotions won’t come until the work is done, perhaps around the time of our final dinner together, but we’re getting there.  The offshore trip in California feels like a long time ago, but at the same time the whole semester seems to have flashed by…the same way it always goes.

But again, that sort of sentiment will have to be put on hold for the most part.  The tears being shed just now are falling not on friendly departing shoulders but on marked-up Marine Policy drafts.  Aside from essays and exam preparation, we have our last few sessions of Maritime Skills this week and next week.  This past Tuesday we held the 73rd Semiannual Williams-Mystic Conference on Oceanography and Marine Ecology, in which we all presented our science projects.  We’re also submitting journal entries from throughout the semester to be compiled into the newest edition of the W-M literary journal, Dory, with our own Eleanore as editor.

Wishing a happy holiday season to all you friends and family, whatever your spiritual or festive-decorating persuasion.

Fair Winds,