An Afternoon Arrival in Sun Bay, Vieques


Alex from Williams College and Manuela from The College of New Rochelle furl the mainsail this morning with C Watch.

4 February 2014

SSV Corwith Cramer

Day 7, At anchor, Sun Bay, Vieques

Good evening from the Corwith Cramer!

It’s a cool evening here in Sun Bay, where we’ve been anchored since late this afternoon. C Watch did an extraordinary amount of line handling and sail work this morning, including setting our square sails right before lunch. Students have begun to pair up and select the topics for their science presentations; you can now find at least one duo analyzing data on the science deck during their off-watch hours or reading about phytoplankton and chlorophyll in the lab.

Class was postponed today due to our arrival, which was orchestrated perfectly by the Cramer’s professional crew. A pair of dolphins appeared to escort us in as we sailed to our anchor spot in Sun Bay, then stuck around and flashed their dorsal fins for pictures. After the anchor was set, Professor Lisa Gilbert held a quick class with a contemporary history, policy, and science lesson on Vieques.

Following class, Captain Beth Doxsee announced that we would have an unexpected treat before all-hands dinner-a swim call! Most of our seventeen students braved the plunge and were rewarded with warm, clear water; a few even mustered the gumption to jump from the bowsprit under the supervision and guidance of Second Mate Rocky and Captain Beth. As if the moment couldn’t get any better, two dolphins (perhaps the ones that swam next to Cramer earlier) surprised us with their presence. It was amazing to hear their clicks and whistles underneath the salty sea.I know our students certainly will never forget this.

Tonight Williams-Mystic students will stand anchor watch through the night in groups of two; while regular watch involves regular sail handling and science research, tonight they are responsible for deck walks, boat checks,regular weather reports, and regular anchor checks.

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Author: williamsmystic

A one semester interdisciplinary ocean and coastal studies program integrating marine science, maritime history, environmental policy, and literature of the sea.

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