A Day at Mystic–Now in Maritime Hours!

What’s an ordinary day at Mystic like?

0800 – First alarm to get up and get a head start on the day goes off
0842 – Time to really get up!
0853 – Grab housemate and walk on over to class.
0858 – Be greeted by two pirates (Because it’s Pirate Day at the Seaport, duh!)
0859 – Head down below the Charles W. Morgan for a tutorial with Rich King over Moby Dick
1000 – Class is over. 😦 But the weather is so nice, it’s so tempting not to just go home.
1003 – Stop inside Labaree House to eat a staff member’s candy.
1004 – Check mail. There isn’t any for you today!
1006 – Back home! Bat your eyelashes at your housemate so they’ll cook you some eggs.
1015 – Devour eggs. Hug your housemate. Chat.
1054 – Where did the hour go? It’s time for History class!
1100 – Meet at the skeleton of the ship Australia, where a classmate will be giving a presentation.
1103 – The presentation pauses as a visiting parent and her two baby pirates walk by. They are simultaneously scary and adorable.
1115 – Class is held in the Olin Stephens room, and Glenn is looking mighty fancy today.
1215 – Class is over. Time for lunch!
1221 – Ask your housemate if whatever leftovers you want to eat “still smell good.”
1234 – Watch a half hour of your favorite sitcom.
1304 – Power Nap
1321 – Off to skills you go!
1330 – 1530 – Sail around the Mystic River on a beautiful, 68-degree day. Nobody capsizes today, which marks three sessions since the last boating incident!
1543 – Grab ice cream with your Skills mates. It is delicious.
1558 – Whew, home again. You’ll be ready to start your homework at exactly 1600.
1602 – Dangit, you missed it! 1615 it is.
1635 – Homework time! And TV time, and chatting time, and nap time.
1900 – Dinner with housemates!
1900 – 2100 – Impromptu living room dance party with your housemates.
2103 – Shower. Ponder life’s big questions.
2130 – Go to the house across the street to borrow something. You stay long after the desired object is obtained.
2255 – Okay, you really must head home.
2316 – The phone rings. Katy Robinson Hall is here to save the day – or at least, your project.
2342 – That’s it. No more doing work. It is TV TIME.
0017 – Fall asleep with Netflix on. Your housemate comes by to turn off your light and close your door. Aww. They wish they could say the same about seeing what you look like when you’re asleep.