Northern California–update from the field

It feels more like a brilliant 3 weeks in California than 4 days! We have seen and done so much within the past few days that I feel like this has all been a dream. From Monterey to San Fransisco, thus far, the West coast has treated us well with sunny days and breathtaking views.

ocean view

I shall hit the highlights:
-A whale was spotted during our policy lecture at Point Lobos- no big deal.
-A dozen or so humpbacks flipped their flukes for us while on our Monterery Bay whale watch trip.
-Free time to explore Cannery Row and the Monterey Bay Aquarium!
-We discovered a portion of a whale tail washed ashore on Pescadero beach- and then read a poem from Harvey Oxenhorn’s Tuning the Rig that describes a whale carcass he saw in the 80’s.
-Made a pit-stop at a farmers market for sun ripened strawberries, chocolate, green beans, and a humongous grape fruit. Yum!
-Watched a sunset at Half-Moon Bay
sunset @ half moon bay
-Rode on a Crowley Tug on the San Fransisco Bay. We met up with two Mystic-Williams alums!
crowley tug
-Viewed the Golden Gate Bridge from a hill and took in the Bay from another perspective.
-Students get free time in the city to explore and find food! I found my way to the Crookedest Street – enjoying the gardens that curve along the street.
What next? We are headed to Bodega Bay and the Red Wood Forest!

Author: Williams-Mystic

An interdisciplinary ocean and coastal studies program integrating marine science, maritime history, environmental policy, and literature of the sea. All majors welcome and 100% of financial need met!

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