Taste of New England: F’15 Gets Lost in the Stalks

Corny puns and ah-maize-ing cider donuts completed our Friday afternoon at the Preston Farm’s corn maze. Just about all of F15, plus my housemate’s sister, joined in on the fall ‘sport.’ Each of the three vans came supplied with a bag of fresh cider donuts and a gallon of apple cider. We consumed most of this on the scenic drive through Old Mystic and Preston.

This year’s corn maze was themed “Sleepy Hollow.” Miles of passageways curved into shapes representing the theme. We could not see the pattern, but by two hours, we had traced the corn maze inside and out. Stamps were the incentive that kept us going. Sixteen stations hid amongst the corn stalks. An unknown prize would be awarded to the lucky fella who completed all sixteen. A mother and daughter were running frantically about the corn maze, asking everywhere if they had seen number twelve. They had one stamp to go! I cannot imagine how long they were in the maze. After nearly two hours, I found eleven. Surprisingly, I did not see many of my classmates in the maze. I ran into a few here and there, in which we exchanged details on where to find certain numbers. Our exchange sounded something like this:

“Find number three?”

“Yeah. Back there,” friend points behind him, off into the corn wilderness.

“Where was seven?”

“No idea. Somewhere that way,” points in two directions, resembling the scarecrow when he meets Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

AJ with calf

Emerging from the corn maze, everyone gathered to go on a small tour of the farm with the farmer’s son. He proudly spoke to us about the history of the farm and how he is a fourth generation son on the land. We all oohed-and-ahhed at the sight of a newborn calf, named Charlie! Her mother gave her thick, wet kisses across the face, ruffling the still-damp black and white coat. The cows and chickens certainly topped off the day! By the time we mustered into the vans to leave, the sun was setting over the corn stalks’ golden tips.

Our colorful view of New England’s fall foliage will soon be a memory as we fly south to Louisiana on Tuesday! Stay tuned for details about alligators, mud, and cajun dancing!

Author: williamsmystic

A one semester interdisciplinary ocean and coastal studies program integrating marine science, maritime history, environmental policy, and literature of the sea.

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