Featured Stories

A Landlubber’s Logbook: The Alaska Field Seminar (F’22)

by Deion Hammond (F’22) After a jam-packed week of introductions to my classes for my fall semester at Williams-Mystic, the time to set off to Alaska had quickly come upon me and my equally bewildered compatriots. We assembled in the Seaport parking lot at the crack of dawn, with all … Continue reading “A Landlubber’s Logbook: The Alaska Field Seminar (F’22)”

From Quarterdeck to Courtroom: Samuel Filiaggi (S’19)

by Evan McAlice, Assistant Director of Admissions & Communications If there is anyone who represents the transformative nature of a Williams-Mystic semester, it’s Samuel Filiaggi, who joined us in Spring 2019 as a senior at the University of Rhode Island. Samuel came to Williams-Mystic anticipating an adventurous sendoff to his … Continue reading “From Quarterdeck to Courtroom: Samuel Filiaggi (S’19)”


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