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From Quarterdeck to Courtroom: Samuel Filiaggi (S’19)

by Evan McAlice, Assistant Director of Admissions & Communications If there is anyone who represents the transformative nature of a Williams-Mystic semester, it’s Samuel Filiaggi, who joined us in Spring 2019 as a senior at the University of Rhode Island. Samuel came to Williams-Mystic anticipating an adventurous sendoff to his … Continue reading “From Quarterdeck to Courtroom: Samuel Filiaggi (S’19)”

A Williams-Mystic Message-in-a-Bottle Comes Ashore! (12 years later!)

By James T. Carlton (Emeritus) Carlton is a Professor Emeritus of Marine Sciences and Director Emeritus of Williams-Mystic (Curriculum Vitae) In September 2010, the Williams-Mystic class prepared messages-in-glass bottles on the Cramer to be set free in the Gulf of Maine as part of a large-scale drift experiment. However, the … Continue reading “A Williams-Mystic Message-in-a-Bottle Comes Ashore! (12 years later!)”


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